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Learn to make positive life choices when you are dealing with DUIs and substance abuse issues.

The purpose of Solutions Counseling & DUI Services shall be to assist DUI offenders to achieve an understanding of the intra-personal dynamics and external factors which may have led to their incident of substance abuse resulting in their DUI arrest.


Interpersonal issues will also be discussed and analyzed for their contribution to this event, as well as any other events where interpersonal issues led to counter- productive outcomes.  


The offenders will leave the program having gained an understanding of what may “trigger” maladaptive coping responses and having developed effective coping strategies for themselves.


Each individual will be approached in a manner that endeavors to teach while preserving their dignity as an individual, and that does not create an environment where the individual feels as though judgment is passed on their behavior.

Solutions Counseling & DUI Services' mission

Receive nonjudgmental and nondiscriminatory therapy. Our principal goal is to get you to the next stage of your life.

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For over 30 years, our local, family owned and operated business has been helping people develop useful coping strategies.

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